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Meet the team: A story of two friends with a singular mission

We’re here to tell your story so we thought it’s only fair that we share ours.

We are both multi-hyphenates whose best work has always revolved around writing and studying the humanities. We met in middle school when we were 12 and have been friends for decades. Sometimes the best things come when you least expect them, and Executive Writer became a space where we could combine forces.

Here’s a little note from each of us.


Everyone asks me why I went into communications and and professional resume writingafter 15 years as an academic and English professor.

The truth is that this business is at least my third career. I’ve been a marketer, a school teacher, a university administrator, a lecturer, and a corporate consultant, to name a few jobs. Being multi-passionate and a bit of a polymath means I’ve had diverse experiences and bring an empathetic approach to everything I do.

Rethinking my academic career, I wanted to bring the power of the insightful thinking and storytelling I had been steeped in through my studies of the humanities to a wider audience. Everyone has a unique story to share, and I wanted to help people leverage it to achieve their goals.

Within the year, I found myself writing scripts for big tech companies, editing what became and award-winning corporate publication about gender equality in Singapore, and working with some unbelievably accomplished executives in the corporate world on their professional profiles.

Since Shari joined me two years into the business, we’ve created a way of working that allows us to be fully present for our clients and build a flexible work system that empowers us as working mothers.

The best part about working with Shari is getting to do work every day with someone who just gets me, and my vision for sharing great writing in every client deliverable. Her belief in what we can accomplish together and steadfast commitment to excellence motivates me to keep pushing the envelope.

We love what we do and we think it shows in our work!


I've always considered myself a 'Jill of all trades, Master of some,' with writing being one of my key strengths. My talent for conveying information clearly and effectively has been a common thread throughout my diverse career in publishing, insurance, IT, and the non-profit sector.

My affinity for words has been a professional tool and a personal compass, allowing me to explore the vast complexities of the human condition. Literature, in all its forms, has been the medium through which I've discovered a common ground amid our shared experiences, and it's broadened my horizons by introducing me to the unfamiliar.

Sorelle and I have shared this love of words since the days of high school literature projects. Despite not living in the same country for an extended period since age 18, we've maintained a friendship for 30+ years.

Our paths realigned post-pandemic when I sought new opportunities after completing my Master's programme, coinciding with Sorelle's search for assistance in her expanding business. This perfectly providential meeting has led to a match made in work heaven.

Our shared work ethic and passion for storytelling enable us to showcase the remarkable work of our clients, whose achievements are truly inspiring. 

In addition to being my friend, Sorelle is now also a respected colleague whose tenacity and drive I admire. Leading by example, she challenges me to improve my skills and knowledge while supporting my interests outside the office, whether writing a play, publishing a children's book, or furthering my education.  

We work hard, pursue our passions and have fun doing it! Want to connect with us? Book a call and we'll do our best to help with your writing needs.

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