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Business Content

Become a market leader with powerful content that tells your brand story and connects with your audience.

The best websites connect with readers, creating moments that keep you top-of-mind. We take the time to get to know you and your business to craft content that effectively communicates your core values and engages your target audience.​


​We provide user experience-focused writing that enhances site navigation, readability and keyword optimisation.

Website Copywriting

Google searchers may not read your website cover-to-cover, but great content always rises to the top. We help showcase your expertise, translating it into key content that will represent your brand online for years to come.

Chat-GPT is a great tool but with hundreds of miles of content out there, AI won't help you stand apart. We ensure you come across as a human expert. 

SEO Blogs & Newsletters

Your brand is more than selecting the right colours. We can help you develop a unique brand voice that makes communicating easy. ​Let us encapsulate your company's ethos into a writing style that helps customers get your authentic personality at a glance.​

Employ consistent messaging across all platforms to reinforce brand recognition and loyalty.

Brand Voice Development

From Reports and White Papers to Research Communications, our editing transforms data into impactful insights. Our objective work ensures clarity, accuracy, and conciseness, so your audience can grasp key findings.

Amplify the persuasiveness and credibility of your reports and case-studies and showcases your expertise.

Professional Copyediting

I can't recommend Sorelle and Shari from Executive Writer highly enough! They were instrumental in crafting the perfect content for my website and LinkedIn newsletters.

What truly impressed me was their dedication to understanding my business from the inside out. They didn't just churn out generic content; they took the time to learn about my specific niche, target audience, and overall goals. This resulted in content that perfectly captured my brand voice and resonated with my ideal clients.

Their ability to capture my tone of voice and language was uncanny. It felt like they climbed into my brain and wrote exactly what I would have written myself, only better! This consistency across my website and LinkedIn presence has created a seamless and professional brand image.

Beyond their exceptional writing skills, Sorelle and Shari were a dream to work with. They were incredibly accommodating, readily incorporating my feedback and suggestions while also offering valuable recommendations that improved the overall impact of the content. Their communication was clear and timely, making the entire process stress-free and enjoyable.

The content they created has had a significant impact on my business. I've seen a noticeable increase in website traffic and engagement, and my LinkedIn presence has become a magnet for attracting high-quality leads.

Elizabeth Taylor


Ready to get started?

Our free initial consult will help you to identify any gaps and get started on a plan to get you noticed.

Resume/CV Consult: 30mins
LinkedIn for Entrepreneurs: 15mins
Content or Editing project: 30mins

Personal Branding

Get serious about your career with our executive storytelling.  Best-in-class Resumes, CVs, LinkedIn Profiles & Thought Leadership Content Creation.

Business Content 

Engage your audience on a deeper level with website copywriting and LinkedIn content that bridges the gap between professional and personal.

Agency Partnerships

Need a writing specialist? We support your agency with thought leadership content, professional editing and research communications.

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