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Agency Partnerships

We support marketing and design agencies with top-notch copywriting, brand voice strategies, long-form content, and academic-level copy editing.

We specialise in producing powerful, insightful articles, brochures, and emails, paying close attention to a brand’s unique voice. We have a range of expertise and work with you to turn ideas into insights, ensuring quality that will foster trust and credibility.

Areas: technology, policy, health, hospitality, Intellectual property, sustainability, diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Together, we can turn your expertise into your most powerful marketing tool.

Thought Leadership Content

We turn your business insights into key industry knowledge. Showcase deep insights in readable papers that will be cited for years to come.


We help to:

  • Align the scope with the business goals, target audience, and strategic objectives. 

  • Highlight your solutions to industry challenges with clear concise writing.

White Paper Development & Writing 

Professional editing requires nuanced expertise to elevate the work. Our academic backgrounds mean we navigate research documents with ease to transform insights from good to groundbreaking. 

  • Ensure documents mirror rigorous inquiry and detailed analysis.​

  • Improving clarity and coherence for publication readiness.​

  • Meet publication quality through meticulous citation verification and formatting.

Research Communications Editing

We specialise in contributing to PR campaigns, sustainability reports and ongoing initiatives that articulate dedication to making a positive impact.


We can help:

  • Clarify the communication strategy to represent the commitment to these crucial areas without greenwashing. 

  • Provide expertise in Sustainability and DEI writing, ensuring your communications are clear, consistent and impactful.

ESG Communications Development

"Sorelle is my secret weapon for delivering polished, professional analysis to my clients. She does more than editing. She critiques and refines arguments, helping me to present my ideas in the clearest and most compelling way. Plus, she is a delightful person, and I love working with her."

Jennifer Brant

Director, Innovation Insights

Ready to get started?

Our free initial consult will help you to identify any gaps and get started on a plan to get you noticed.

Resume/CV Consult: 30mins
LinkedIn for Entrepreneurs: 15mins
Content or Editing project: 30mins

Personal Branding

Get serious about your career with our executive storytelling.  Best-in-class Resumes, CVs, LinkedIn Profiles & Thought Leadership Content Creation.

Business Content 

Engage your audience on a deeper level with website copywriting and LinkedIn content that bridges the gap between professional and personal.

Agency Partnerships

Need a writing specialist? We support your agency with thought leadership content, professional editing and research communications.

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